Leche Puto

FILIPINO Desserts, Snacks and Sweets. Leche Puto is a Filipino dessert combining two favorites (leche flan and puto) into one delectable treat

Filipino Leche Flan Recipe

lecheflan a filipino dessert. Egg yolks, condense milk, evaporated milk then steam/baked, w/ melted brown sugar poured on top

Bibingka – Filipino Coconut Cake

Bibingka - Filipino Coconut Cake, not healthy but a fun ethnic dessert. use c coconut oil, 1 c. sugar, c. coconut flour, and try sweet rice flour i.e/ glutinous rice flour

Pichi Pichi

Pichi pichi is a Filipino dessert made basically from cassava, water and sugar. It is steamed and becomes glutinous and then coated with grated coconut.

If you’re not familiar with this dessert, no doubt what comes to mind is some form of root beer float. But no, this magical Filipino dessert involves mangoes floating upon a deli… (Tropical Desserts Mango)

Puto (Filipino Steamed Cake)

Puto (Filipino Steamed Cake) This took a little bit more time to put together. Tasted really good but very delicate. It stuck to my silicone molds. Will stick with my regular recipe.

Brazo de Mercedes

Brazo de Mercedes is a delicious Filipino dessert that is made of soft, pillowy meringue with rich custard filling rolled into a log, jelly roll fashion.

How to Cook Suman that Actually Tastes Like Suman Plus Video

you may have been looking for a Suman Recipe in the net that can actually result to a Suman that tastes like Suman.

Filipino Spanish Bread

Spanish bread is a popular 'merienda' in the Philippines with a sweet buttery filling! Try this delicious Filipino Spanish bread for your afternoon snack.


(American sponge cake is because its a little more sweeter and buttery.) Mamon is a very soft and creamy cake.

Top 10 Favorite Filipino Desserts

There are so many Filipino desserts and I love eating just about all of them. In this post, I share my top 10 favorite Filipino desserts that I have made.

Homemade Taho

Try this Taho recipe (Soft tofu with syrup and tapioca pearls) and learn how to make Taho at home easily. This method uses Epsom salt and instant soy milk.