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(open RP) She carefully approached me. I haut turned away. "Are you ok?" She asked. I didn't answer." I turned. "Are you ok?" She asked again.

Black winged male angel, Lucifer's Embrace - though Lucifer has Golden Blond hair and was known as The Bright Star of the Morning Light in this picture he's had a hair dye but still absolutely gorgeous

Book of Enoch: Real Story of Fallen Angels, Devils & Man (Nephilim, Ancient Aliens + Noah's Flood) - Trey Smith -

fallen male angel sitting on stairs steps bloody dripping down stairs wings coming out, No angel is more beautiful then the ones that have fallen, becoming one with humanity, and realizing the fears in life.

This statement is really cool, deep, trustworthy, and verry helpful. Hopefully you understand what it means.

Dressed as a lamb, but heed my warning. That which appears to be the light, will leave you in the dark.

I'm Noah. I'm a guardian angel. I've had my wings for awhile now. Maybe 1 year or so? I'm I haven't been assigned anyone yet. He's kinda outgoing and a flirt