Fifteen different fables, from "Alice in Wonderland" to "The Little Mermaid," are illustrated through runway looks and historical costumes.

Fairy Tales Are Brought To Life Through Fashion in FIT's Latest Exhibit

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Ireland by EmilySoto  Jewellery by Chantal Mallett -                     Arsenic in the shell

Ireland by EmilySoto Jewellery by Chantal Mallett

For the past 7 years, we dedicated our time to find perfect locations for fashion shootings. We are a design duo - Chotronette (aka Silvia Chiteala & Laura Cazacu), from Eastern Europe, that focuses on vintage-inspired gowns that need the perfect setting to tell a story. Our passion for fairytale editorials made us create intricate settings, collect vintage memorabilia, explore abandoned places and imagine alternative realities in our shootings.

We Create Fairytale Scenography For Fashion Editorials

Best of the Day Photo: Andreea Retinschi Photography Dress and concept: Chotronette Model: Ioana Madalina ( Academia Show Models ) Make-up & hair: Andreea Matran Make-up Artist The Imaginarium ™.


Fairy Tales Come True! 25 Magical Fantasy Bridal Portraits You'll Love

Some say that art is not complete without a little fantasy, and fantasy photography opens the doors to many creative opportunities that make fairy tales come true. If you are a fairy tale lover, why not consider adding a touch of magic to your bridal or p

Paolo Sebastian couture 2015/16 | | Instagram @ifihadablog | #SGfindyourwild | SYDNEY GEORGE find your wild | musings of a visual addict

The mesh-like fabric used as a base for the embroidery gives the dress a dreamy look. & r a n d o m l o v e l i n e s s ♔ {love lovely loveliness} Très Haute Diva ♔ Paolo Sebastian Couture

Princess and the pea//I like how clearly the tale has been represented with a much simple and easy setting. I find interesting how the photographer has chosen to use pillows instead of mattresses.

Realistic Fairytale Photos

Princess and the Pea ~~ 78 Fierce Fairytale Fashion Looks - From Couture Wonderland Editorials to Evil Queen Fashion (TOPLIST)

Pastel-Petaled Photoshoots - The Aline Weber for Numero #132 April 2012 Editorial is Ethereal

Pastel-Petaled Photoshoots

Fairytale Fashion, (in my mind) walking barefoot though the woods in a beautiful gown

It's weird because I understand some people may not see this as art. But for me in my perspective it is, the flow of the dress and her hair makes the picture tell a story. Maybe she's running away from something?