with that much chopped, its a hat with wheels ;) beautiful craftmanship.                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る
Salt Flat Rat Rod Photo by David Perry Fine Art Print
1953 rat rod tail lights
bomber bench seat love the details though I'd rather it had some patina to it and different colored seats
47dc174129489d677f93897f6afd9e67.jpg (736×488)
/ Voodoo Larry’s “Voodoo Psychosis” 1931 Ford
Drive around like you stole something.
Fun add-on to your car! This 4 Piece Interior Lighting Kit adds a custom illumination to your vehicle's interior at an affordable price. Our LED interior light kits includes four 8 inch tubes with 12 ultra-bright, wide angle LEDs per tub...
sheet metal interior using a diamond pattern embossed bead roller in the sheet panels and a custom made steering wheel out of chain, timing gear, and connecting rods.
Flip-top rat rod. Looks like a 4-cylinder. One headlight. Fun to see someone thinking outside of the box!  http://www.killbillet.com/showthread.php?t=10376
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Ford : Model A WICKED RAT ROD 1930 FORD MODEL A--R - http://www.legendaryfinds.com/ford-model-a-wicked-rat-rod-1930-ford-model-a-r/