EXO チェン [ID:45818737] の画像。見やすい!探しやすい!待受,デコメ,お宝画像も必ず見つかるプリ画像!!

EXO チェン [ID:45818737] の画像。見やすい!探しやすい!待受,デコメ,お宝画像も必ず見つかるプリ画像!!


Chen - 160415 ‘Lil’ Something’ promotional image Credit: Bugs.

イケメンすぎる!EXOチェンの新グラビアが話題に Chen

EXO’s Chen Reflects On Past Solo Activities And Successes Reveals His Aspirations As A Singer via

bias chanyeol & bias wrecker chen…wow this is too much!^^

bias chanyeol & bias wrecker chen…wow this is too much!


EXO member Chen made various facial expressions while gracing the cover of the March issue of 'Singles' .Chen pulled off various looks, from …


ϟ Kim Jongdae (김종대) Official Thread 』 Chen For Life! ♪♫ - Page 51 - Individual Artists

Chen, exo, and exo-m image

exo, baekhyun and sehun image on We Heart It

Pretty sure everyone wants to be this dog on their holiday lol! Baby Chen | EXO Dear Happiness photobook 2016 <3

Chen - 160925 Second official photobook ‘Dear Happiness’ - [SCAN][HQ] Credit: pitapat.