One day I will die because of those pretty elves...

f Wood Elf Wizard Tower Forest Hills naked story One day I will die because of those pretty elves.

Art by Astri Lohne Sjursen

Nightbreeze by Astri Lohne Sjursen on Artstation. Private commission of a LOTR inspired character called Arwen Nightbreeze [:

But the Elves were not so lightly to be caught. As soon as Sauron set the One Ring upon his finger they were aware of him, and perceived that he would be master of them, and of all they wrought. Then in anger and fear they took off their rings, and the Three Rings they bore away and hid.

Elven/fantasy art on a 3 dimensional canvas that can be hung directly on your wall or framed. A must for the connoissuer of elven or fantasy art

The Time Of Spells by Candra on DeviantArt

The Time Of Spells by Candra “ ”This is AU Dark Thranduil, many centuries after events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Inspired by Mandragora Scream song. Most elves left to West, but.

Lothlorien, home of Glad riel and Celeborn. I love the graceful lines of this. So instinctive and gestural

“Lothlorien” Concept Art for The Lord of The Rings, by Paul Lasaine. More at: Paul Lasaine

Green Woodsman Tunic-Elves & Angels

Green Woodsman Tunic

Green Woodsman Tunic-Elves & Angels