Another 21 Disney movies facts that will blow your mind. <<-- I knew about #1 because I bought my copy the day they recalled it!

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*I knew some of these but they are all awesome!* Another 21 Disney movies facts that will blow your mind. I had no clue about the majority of these.

Disney facts - I never thought about that!

Dumbo is the most under appreciated Disney film. The crows' song and pink elephants parade are awesome and it's such a sweet story. Cool Disney Facts: Dumbo is the only Disney feature length film that has a title character that never speaks

Disney Fun Fact #20: Walt Disney won one regular sized Oscar and seven miniature Oscars for the film Snow White and the Seven Dawrves.


Fact 20 - Walt Disney won one regular sized Oscar & seven little sized Oscars for Snow White & The SevenDwarfs (Fact by CuteDisneyFacts

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And Big Thunder Mountain tops off at only 28 mph! Feels fast with the wind hitting your face.

Here are some interesting things you probably did not know about the Disney theme parks.

Ive been down in the Tunnels it was pretty neat! 30 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About the Disney World disney cool interesting fact facts disney world did you know fun facts

I only knew a few of these (Flynn's age, Gothel's dress, some of the symbols from other movies, Pinocchio's cameo) but I love the name Bastian, but that would be redundant since there's a Disney character name Sebastian already. Also, many people know this by now but Gothel's affection for Rapunzel's hair rather than Rapunzel herself shows how she never loved HER, but rather loved her powers. The descending lantern fact is my fav! ADORABLE!

Things you maybe didn't know about Tangled

Interesting facts about 'Tangled' omygosh the one about MarioKart. I love this movie

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Good Guy Disney

when Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets died in Disney released this picture of Mickey consoling Kermit the Frog. MORE OF WTF FACTS are coming HERE awesome and fun facts ONLY

(Part 4) Some of these are repeats, but someone went to a lot of trouble and time to stitch them, so I left them as is.  [Please visit my Disney blog: for more Disney secrets, tips and facts]

Things You Don’t Know About Disney World

Things You Don’t Know About Disney World. I've totally had a cast member use the "no sad kid" rule for me when I was little!

50 fun facts about Disney parks. These are awesome.

50 fun facts about Disney parks. If you kneel in front of Cinderella then you can see her crown.