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Dieselpunk, military, fighter plane, VTOL aircraft by ~kordal

Diesel Punk - US Subterrarean Suit MKI by Bjornhurri

Diesel Punk is one of the least known Punk genres its a time period in which both the World Wars would have taken place. It allows for very industrial looking machinery such as this American style combat armor.

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- I want to replicate this level of detail in my work, and I like the design of the orange inner jacket, so I may use in my character design.

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Death Korps of Krieg

basedewok: “ Death korp of krieg splash art “In life, war. In death, peace. In life, shame. In death, atonement.

Chris Brändström as The Dieselpunk Flash. If only this was the way the flash looked like when I started with comic books I would've liked him more.

interpretation of the Flash. Check out this great piece of Geek Art from artist ChrisBrand showing off his vision of what The Flash would look like during the War II era. So awesome!

Dieselpunk or steampunk? I think it's more the former. The font is art deco, not victorian

Yesterday I ran into a photo with a robot, which gave me the idea to make a huge collection of robots for you. While I was searching, I found out that robots are everywhere. You can find them in every style of art.

The Colliedescape Chronicles, Book One: Diego and the Steam Pirates, by Armand Baltazar

"The Colliedescape Chronicles, Book One: Diego and the Steam Pirates, by Armand Baltazar"

I know this isn't what i usually post on this fashion page. But hey its cool…

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

Hellboy, Seed of Destruction ~writer/director Guillermo del Toro ~Pictures Photos of Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

A typical Death Korps of Krieg infantryman

Death Korps of Krieg

A typical Death Korps of Krieg infantryman - shame they are ridiculously expensive and badly cast.