The Forest-Savanna Mosaics of inner Sidoia are the homes of a great many predators, the Grass-Sentinel stands as one of the most formidable.

ArtStation - Chronos Creatures p.1, Aleksey Kovalenko

Creature designs I did for Chronos project by Gunfire Games in 2015

*Checks Watch* OK Tree Joke Time

ngra, Lip Comarella : creatures Design - 4 Series The series features creatures living or interacting on trees - prey and hunter Environment detail: The series features creatures living or interacting on trees

Zebrafeet's Art I don't know what they're suppose to be but they remind me of cute dragons

pkmnathon:I know it’s cliche, but Charmander was my favorite starter. It seems like fire and water types were usually my favorites…Beautiful design

The Vexxalope. Creature design by Bruce D. Mitchell

This would be cool for some kind of shapeshifter character, like if they could only grow parts around their original anatomy.

ArtStation - Crobus, Alexis Rives

: Here's now the Crobus, the enemies of the game. Basically, they are harmless creatures, but some scientists turned them into horrible war machines. But they lost control on them. One of their particularities is than they capable o

Semi-Custom for Oscorix ~ Meant to be a pair with the other one they bought I liked it enough to post individually, since the other squiggle is just a silhouette image.

Non Human Being-Monster-Hybrid-Animal-Beast-Claws-Paws-Obscure. Find more on the "Creativity+Fantasy" board.