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Good morning beautiful I love you I miss you badly. I will never stop trying to get you back. I want you sooooo bad. You're my first thought in the morning and every thought throughout the day. Even while I sleep you're on my mind.

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just falling asleep together after watching old movies. Sleeping together in the literal sense, that's all. - that's Harry ad Gemma Styles. They're brother and sister.

Young Caucasian couple sleeping in a king-size bed. | The Position You Cuddle In Says Everything About Your Relationship

The Position You Cuddle In Says Everything About Your Relationship

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I need you today, tomorrow and everyday after that. I need to fall asleep in your arms every night. I want to whisper goodnight to you and kiss you good morning. I want this and you everyday for forever. I love you so much.


I can't wait to have this moment again. This looks like the most satisfying view ever baby fever at its finest!

Lex and Lela have a fight and he doesn't let her leave. She can't stand to sleep without at least one part of him touching her.

This relationship of ours isn’t perfect. I will screw up and so will you, but I ask that you don’t let the trivial things tear us apart.


Moody memories, intimate moments and instants full of love. Lauren Field is a twenty year old photographer and writer from Portland currently living in New York City. What is the essence…View Post

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After endless walks over the streets of Paris and drinking a bottle of wine at a terrace at Place de Vosges, its time to just relax ❤️❤️