Give me this to read novels under the trees, and to write novels looking out on the world. I would live a happy, happy life.

This is actually Rioveggio in Italy but it might as well be England and since I know that theres a number of you having beautiful, lazy Autumn days off today heres a lovely place for you to picture yourself right now. (by chiara lana)

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View hundreds of pictures and places to visit in beautiful Gloucestershire -, England. Find out more at Beautiful England Photos

Switzerland, countryside. This was the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. It was luck that we wandered off the highway onto the back roads and were able to see it

Dont you just love being in here, unwinding and reflecting. Just reminiscing all memories that you had. Mountains circling you around as a feeling of being secured.

Another idea for the surrounding nature. Calm, allowing the narrator to think hard about his ideas.

Woodland Path through Yoxall Lodge Bluebell Woods, Staffordshire, England . Photo by Graham Taylor .

space: entryway in the English countryside. Simon Brown for House & Garden

Glazed Door in Country Hallway on HOUSE. Hallway Design Ideas - Make your hallway a stylish room of its own with these design ideas

Glendurgan Garden in Cornwall - with view to the Helford River.

GLENDURGAN GARDEN, Cornwall - with view to the Helford River. Near Falmouth. National Trust owned and run. Family: Adult: Child: Under Free Family adult and up to 3 children under