industrial zip ties + duct tape + wide ribbon + drapery fabric

industrial zip ties + duct tape + wide ribbon + drapery fabric = easy corsets Includes link to corset pattern generator

Ref S antique corset pattern by ~AtelierSylpheCorsets

Ivory Corset overbust hourglass victorian pattern by ~AtelierSylpheCorsets on deviantART - many corsets and patterns for sale

Corsets! I have a sudden urge to make them! And I will be repressing that urge until later, when this will come in handy.

DIY Custom Fit Corset Pattern & Link to Tutorial - UPDATED: Part 2 Added! - CLOTHING - I wanted to make my own corset and I found Roethke's tute here that was fantastic! I also found a booklet online about custom fitting a corset to

DIY Custom Corset Measurements from Electra Designs. Go to the link for a whole worksheet on exactly how to take these measurements.

this is a measurement form alà electra designs corsetry. however it is a clear diagram of what measurements are required for a properly fitting made to measure corset.

Underbust corset pattern - measurements by learningtofly_katafalk, via Flickr, by Cathrin Åhlén.  BEST TUTE I HAVE SEEN!!

Underbust pattern tutorial

Underbust corset pattern - measurements ( I think this is the pattern I will use)