When you realize the new guy may not be as experienced as he says!                                                                                                                                                      More

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#Construction #ConstructionStarterPack

#Construction #ConstructionStarterPack

Funny construction meme!

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Tsk...tsk...Moral of the story?   Measure twice, cut once.                                                                                                                                                      More

These are real, non-photoshopped, top 40 funniest construction mistakes ever made by construction workers all over the world.

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25 Funniest Pranks of All Times Prank 'found and extra pair of boots at the worksite. Decided to give my supervisor a heart attack.

Plumber or Electrician?

Should I call a plumber or an electrician? Funny real estate house and home humor.Just call both.

When you're the reason

If a random picture of Anna Kendrick and Steve Buscemi can make it to the front page so can Gary Busey

Found this next to a construction site... Still pretty precise tbh

Found this next to a construction site... Still pretty precise tbh

John’s Weather Forecasting Stone. This is actually my friends! I was looking at funny sign a showed him this one and he told me that it is his!

It's mine.  Has my name on it.

Lolcats: Where they came from and why we love them

Funniest & Most hilarious Animals Pictures and Memes If you love your pets your gonna sure love these Funny pictures, sometimes your pets specially cats to random stupid things that are totally…