Creative concept & art direction by Solange Knowles Photography by Alan Ferguson

Puma x Solange - creative concept & art direction by Solange Knowles Photography by Alan Ferguson

Photographer Katie Joy Crawford explores her own anxiety disorder through haunting self-portraits. #photography #selfportrait #portrait

Photographer Explores Her Own Anxiety Disorder Through Haunting Self-Portraits

Katie Crawford created breathtaking self-portrait series "My Anxious Heart" to capture what it really feels like to suffer from general anxiety disorder.

We could experiment with face & body painting.


Etnia Cosmetics Campaign Beautifully simple and graphic campaign photographed by Jose Morraja. Concept and Art Direction by Lavernia & Cienfuegos + Ipsum Planet.

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Anshuman Ghosh's Playful Illusions Created with an iPhone

Anshuman Ghosh's Playful Illusions Created with an iPhone - Anshuman Ghosh creates a quirky world using his iPhone. With seamless illusions, he transforms his device from a phone into a toaster, vase, and much more.

Atmosphere: Sophia Coppola fake movie stills featuring a stalker fan who dreams of becoming Lana del Rey Inspiration: 90’s fangirl bedroom covered in posters Characters: Deliciously psychotic East European Lana Dresscode: Botanical gowns and crazy embroiderie Soundtrack: Bob Dylan tunes with made-up Portuguese lyrics Concept & Dresses: Chotronette Photography: Andreea Retinschi Make up & hair: […]

Photography & editing Andreea Retinschi Photography / Andreea Retinschi Dress and concept: Chotronette Model: Ioana Madalina ( Academia Show Models ) Make-up & hair: Andreea Matran Make-up Artist

Conceptual Photography

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Marie Hochhaus Photography: candy candy i like the concept but not the execution.