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De agua salada, mi pez favorito. Increíbles esos colores, su forma. Podría estar horas mirándolos. Desde niño he querido una pescera, algún día, con mis peces favoritos. / Tang Fish

In case the tank is unbalanced it is going to eventually crack. If you prefer, you can purchase smaller fish tanks and place some dividers between. You may also put in a cute fish tank!

Amazing Color The Mandarin Fish ~ Exotic Freshwater and Saltwater Fishes

Amazing Color The Mandarin Fish ~ Exotic Freshwater and Saltwater Fishes - Click the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

Discus fish - ©Roberto Cortes (via FineArtAmerica)

Discus World Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Roberto Cortes

Not from the reef. These are beautiful freshwater fish. they are very hard to keep in an aquarium. Discus fish - ©Roberto Cortes ¿que colores.

This is like the clean freak fish from finding Nemo! "so where u from kid? " "the ocean" "Oh the ocean..THE OCEAN! AHHHHHHHHHH...  HE HASN'T BEEN DE-CONTAMINATED YET!  JAQUE! CLEAN HIM!"

Looking for more colorful fish for your aquarium? It seems that it has become a necessity for fish-lovers to look for the prettiest and most colorful fishes for their tanks. Here are more colorful fish for your aquarium.

Beautiful, colorful fish

Trigger Fish - One of my all time favorites. Only had one and had to give it back to a store when I moved out of town.

6. Nature -- Fish The purple & blue colors of the Beta fish would be a beautiful color combination to re-create with make-up.

What Is Your SoulFish?

Crown Tail - photo by Andrew Williams. (I've got a red betta! Not a crown tail, just a regular tail.