Illustration/collage by Eleanor Wood

Eleanor Wood

Julie Hamilton paints with scissors in her sketchbook

Collage Sketchbook is a Modern-Day Homage to Matisse

Student Life - Louise Lockhart Illustration & Design

Student life on one page, as part of the Student Handbook illustrations for The Skinny August

Prints/lim. edition book by Michelle Maguire

michelle maguire (The Jealous Curator)

Voyager by Anthony Neil Dart inspired Carol McBride / Honeyed Taboo 5

"Voyager - Graphic series Graphic/Illustration by Anthony Neil Dart posters, art prints, canvas prints, greeting cards or gallery prints. Find more Graphic/Illustration art prints and posters i.

Simple. Quiet. Gorgeous. This is the work of UK based collage artist Lucy Driscoll… also known as my...

lucy driscoll (The Jealous Curator)

This is the work of UK based collage artist Lucy Driscoll… also known as my partner in the Collage Scrap Exchange! I wrote about this fantastic project a few weeks ago.

using the natural properties of the material to help create more exciting and engaging environments

andrea d’aquino (and a book give-away!) (The Jealous Curator)

alice's adventures in wonderland, illustrated by andrea d'aquino (giveaway on the site today). Illustrating a common children's book

collage illustration by Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell (Greedy Hen)

by Greedy Hen. Greedy Hen is a collaboration between artists Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell.