How to Make a Gift Box Using a Plastic Coffee Can Before&After

An Easy Gift Box to Make

How to Make a Gift Box Using a Plastic Coffee Can We love to drink coffee - especially a certain brand in a plastic container. I also have a habit of hoarding those containers. What a nice transformation!

Lots of ways to reuse coffee cans.

Ways to reuse folgers plastic containers. including a link to Folgers printable designs so that you can use the container as gift packaging.

Remodel old coffee cans - pretty cool, cuz The Hubbs no longer has any use for the empties!

29 Easy Spray Paint Ideas That Will Save You A Ton Of Money

Fabulous coffee plastic container upcycled with chalkboard label - Love! Now to find someone who actually drinks this stuff. :) Can use for flour, sugar, etc in pantry

29 awesome ways to reuse coffee cans!

29 Coffee Can Crafts

29 craft ideas for coffee cans - lots of great ideas from crafters for plastic and metal coffee cans I also have a crap load of formula cans!

29 Uses For #Recycled Coffee Cans

29 Uses For Recycled Coffee Cans

coffee can planters I like this I'd even leave the coffe cans as is seeing the are cage du moned and French market they have ( the kind I drink) a French country look no paint needed

Dishfunctional Designs: The Upcycled Garden Spring 2013

Maybe an up cycle idea for all those used formula tins - Tin can vertical plant hanger and rustic painted wooden screen door. Love the screen door as a decorative element with potted plants surrounding.

Coffee cans - pretty outdoor lanterns

Roundup: 9 Cool & Creative Uses for Old Coffee Cans

DIY Coffee Can Lanterns. Turn a tin coffee can or tin can into festive lighted lanterns. DIY how to instructions.

Round Up: 9 Cool & Creative Uses for Old Coffee Cans.  The one pictured here I love--Perfect to toss in the car as we enter into soccer season--I always wish I had extra plastic bags on hand for trash, muddy soccer boots, wet socks, etc.

Roundup: 9 Cool & Creative Uses for Old Coffee Cans

Recycle coffee can into shopping bag holder - I've been waiting for a great idea for my bags! Too bad we have a Keurig.maybe someone will give me their old coffee can!

Painted tin cans make wonderful and customizable planters! Just remember to punch a hole in the bottom for water drainage.

Painted Tin Can Planters

30 Crafty Repurposing Ideas For Empty Coffee Containers {With tutorial links} via @vanessacrafting

30 Crafty Repurposing Ideas For Empty Coffee Containers

Love this idea for recycling coffee cans/any type of can

30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization and Storage DIY Solutions - Page 2 of 3 -...

Glue rope to your used coffee cans! Cheap organizing and chic, too! could use old formula cans too. Save those formula cans and we will give it a whirl! Doin this with hemp.

If You Have some Empty Coffee Cans, Reuse Them and Create a Sisal Wrapped Cans Garden

Low-budget and Easy Container Ideas For Herb Garden

Low-budget and Easy Container Ideas For Herb Garden – HomeDesignInspired

coffee can and twigs for a vase. would be cool with soup cans too.

Twig Vase

coffee can + twigs = vase (try cinnamon sticks too). Good idea for center piece for shower or Mother/Daughter Salad supper

DIY Tin Can Crafts & Projects | 1 | HGTV

DIY Tin Can Crafts & Projects

Feed your regular birds stylishly with a coffee can birdfeeder. Here's how: Using rubber-coated gloves, remove the bottom o

Lots of crafty ideas for coffee cans. Cover in white paper and draw marker colors on the outside showing the ones in that particular can eg. Copics

29 Coffee Can Crafts

Looking for ways to reuse Coffee Cans? Here are 29 Clever Coffee Can Crafts. So many ideas from practical reuses in the garden to gift ideas to home decor.