Tutorial - Curves on Girls by Ai-Bee on DeviantArt

beautifulcurvesnohate: artist-refs:Female Tummy Reference Sheet by LordStormCaller SUPER CHUBBY

Drawing big girls - Album on Imgur Drawing reference

Drawing big girls

dredsina: “winterbramble: “Thanks so much for your ask! I’ve meant to do a tutorial like this for a long time. This is the way that I draw big girls, though it’s quite a short and basic tutorial.

Chubby girls cuddle better! I got to find this!

There is so much truth in this. Big girls are so soft and feminine too. I know this guy loves that. Feels very secure and safe in a bigger woman's arms and being next to her curvy large soft body. Just love cuddling with my wife for this very reason.

cornerofthemind:  cinnamart:  give ! me ! more ! chubby ! Hermione !  THIS IS SOMETHING I NEVER KNEW I WANTED UNTIL NOW

sirius-potteraesthetic: “ cinnamart: “ give ! ” this isn’t chubby hermione, its realistic hermione ” well she’s not slim and not obese, a good marriage between the two.

Nsio Pose Practice 8: Sayaka Overweight by Nsio on DeviantArt

Pose Reference Sheet of a chubby girl - different poses: lying, eating, sitting, talking.

Ok, the person who pinned this before me said "Cute chubby girl on bike... love this one". Persons before me, I would just like to say, that is not a chubby girl. That is what we call a BOMBSHELL. Thank you. Come again.

Wall Art Print- Art Reproduction Vintage Sexy Pin-up Girl Vintage Sexy Plus-size Pin-up Girl Duane Bryers Hilda Print 8 x

Chubby bubba

If that were me I'd do the same thing only with mountain dew while playing my XBOX 360 eating a ranch parmesan pizza