You can adjust your favourite meat sauce to remove the ground beef/oil and add a can of rinsed lentils, but here’s what I do (leave out anything you don’t like and adjust ingredients to taste). Ingredients: • 1 medium onion, diced • 1 clove of garlic, diced • 1/2 large green pepper, diced • 1/2 …

Marinara Sauce for Pasta and Pizza

Sharing a family-friendly recipe for Cheesy Turkey Baked Pasta. Whole wheat shells, marinara sauce, ground turkey and plenty of cheese.

Stranger & Stranger 2013 Christmas Box packaging design

Stranger & Stranger Christmas 2013



クリスマスイブのお菓子の家 Homemade Gingerbread Houses (Hexenhaus)の画像:お茶の時間にしましょうか-キャロ&ローラのちいさなまいにち- Caroline & Laura's tea break

クリスマスイブのお菓子の家 Homemade Gingerbread Houses (Hexenhaus)の画像:お茶の時間にしましょうか-キャロ&ローラのちいさなまいにち- Caroline & Laura's tea break

apple pie with stars

Le nouveau 750g le mag' est arrivé ! Pascale, l'Angleterre, et plein d'autres choses… et un apple pie tout étoilé pour fêter ça…

All American apple pie with Stars instead of lattice work. Not much on a top crust apple pie but! How beautiful for the

インスタで「フルーツオープンサンド」が大人気! | marry[マリー]

インスタで「フルーツオープンサンド」が大人気! | marry[マリー]



Christmas Tree Pizza (there's no recipe for this, but I'm going to use the picture as a guide- pretty simple to do. Just use pre-made pizza dough and shape it into a pine tree, and use kale for the "needles" and trunk with sun-dried tomatoes and cheese.

The Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife: Cream Cheese Party Penguins

Cream Cheese Party Penguins- Winter Party Food (I know. Frozen doesn't have penguins but these are so cute!

Only baked painted the basil paste off here also in the same way Pizashito [pizza of tree] in the form of a tree.  It is going to be good more color when decorated with paprika.


Pesto Christmas Tree Pizza -- Trim the tree and the appetizer tray all at once with these basil-laden beauties.