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For after the town transformation, I like the appearance, needs to be Maybe the healer of the group, parents could be pressuring her to go into medicine. Kinda like the Steven Universe Connie of the group?


Poses Tutorial, by elixirmy on deviantART. >> Shows how to draw your anime/manga character in different poses.

Art by PrinceCanary • princecanary.tumblr.com | faces

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Feel free to use this! If you're trying to come up with a character design, it's nice to have references like this. Hope you enjoy! Check out my other body charts! Cartoon Torsos - goo.gl/49U0...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Nsio Pose Practice Babies If people still remember, I drew few pose practices some time ago and I one of the character was pregnant and gave birth to twins. This pose practice is about these twi.

Chain Chomp - From Nyxondyx’s Tumblr.

Chain Chomp Girl

Punk girl reference, for before the towns transformation. Becomes a bandit of some sort maybe?