This classic and much-coveted Cathy Waterman ring features an emerald-cut aquamarine stone set in diamond-studded prongs whose sparkling vines calls to mind an enchanted forest.

"Cathy Waterman's Love of My Life Collection represents the pure magic that is her jewelry. Rings encrusted in tiny, sparkling diamonds, colored precious gems set in rich, gold or platinum and stunning, subli

addicted to stackables. especially cathy waterman.

The 15 Most Beautiful Rings Ever

Cathy Waterman's Rustic Diamond ring

Cathy Waterman's Rustic Diamond ring

A beautifully included grey diamond, set in a diamond and platinum leaf ring, by Cathy Waterman.

La bague en tourmaline verte de Cathy Waterman

La bague en tourmaline verte de Cathy Waterman

"Oak Leaf" ring in 22 carat yellow gold, green tourmaline and diamonds, by Cathy Waterman of Whitebird. Or 22 cts, tourmaline verte, diamants

Cathy Waterman pink sapphire earrings. Via Diamonds in the Library.

Cathy Waterman pink sapphire earrings

Wedding / Engagement Rings by Cathy Waterman Collection: Love of my Life #Luxury #Wedding #Jewelry

Jewerly Designer Cathy Waterman

Beautiful rings created by Cathy Waterman for her "Love of My Life" collection is the perfect wedding ring for the young woman who is like no other.

holy goodness..... these rings are absolutely stunning!! i rarely love a ring that isn't vintage but these are just too wonderful! (designer Cathy Waterman)

these rings are absolutely stunning! I love vintage rings (designer Cathy Waterman)