Car made out of cardboard boxes - Fun craft to keep the kids entertained when boredom sets in, and it's too hot or too cold to go outside and a nice way to recycle a large box too :)

40 fun cardboard crafts for kids -- this i awesome for my babies who always prefer the box over the toy :D

Transforming cardboard boxes into a yellow school bus.

Cardboard Box School Bus

Cardboard Box Car - With a steering wheel that turns!

Create a Cardboard Box Car

Cardboard box boat

Thanks for your interest in our box vehicles and for your patience while waiting for this tutorial. These larger trucks each use nappy/diaper boxes, for cars using only one box see Part 1 &

Hello Kitty Cardboard Box Car

May Hilary Everyday, Brady's Field Day, Memorial Day, Hello Kitty Cardboard Box Car

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2 cereal boxes and 5 empty toilet paper tubes = play parking garage. -we did this craft last night, it's not nearly as pretty as this one but the little guy loves it (and loved to help make it) -K

DIY Cardboard Box Car

DIY Cardboard Box Car - Make your own car for adventures like Henry and Buckets!

DIY Cardboard Box Car

This DIY cardboard box car would be perfect for a baby shower gift wrapping! Just a couple of tweaks will do the trick!

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cardboard car toy

25 New things made with DIY cardboard box anyone can make

DIY Cardboard Box Car - maybe with a cut at the bottom for their legs and straps for over their shoulders. running around the backyard with these!