90's Brandy She inspired me so much as a child. 'The way they talk about our love' 'Almost doesn't count' 'What about us'

Brandy (born Brandy Norwood), recording artist and actress. She has sold around 9 million copies of her first 5 studio albums in the US, and over 30 million records worldwide.

Singer and actress Brandy Rayana Norwood needs no introduction!

17 Reasons Brandy Is Black History, Present, And Future

☆ Brandy Norwood-Beautiful

Brandy Norwood for me one of the best female RnB artists in the world. She doesn't get the credit she deserves, incredible voice photography

Brandy Norwood

Brandy Steps Out After Ryan Press Engagement Wearing Bikini, Belly Chain

Kelly Rowland and Brandy Norwood rockin braids!

I would love to have a braids and twists meetup, where everyone wears braids and twists box braids cornrows,updos, senegelese twists all kinds.

Brandy Norwood, Jay Ellis, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Lauren London Celebrate “The Game” Season 6 Premiere in New York

Earlier this week, the cast of BET's 'The Game' celebrated not only the premiere of the show's sixth season but also its episode at the Soho House NY.