[ fc: sage tullis ] "yooo. i'm sage. i have youtube channel mainly about makeup. i'm also a model. i am eighteen and single. yep."

Katherine Oldbarn} shy and loves to read} she's socially awkward~ she doesn't like to interact with many people>

beauty, blonde, blue, eyes, fashion, gorgeous, selfie, short hair, tumblr, white girl

Alisha McClain, She has no abilities, though she is a very fast runner. She was sent to the maze but never knew why, but she is a strong survivor.

Syn // Fighting destiny

(When you have a new inspiration for another story) Abbey Lee Kershaw by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue China.

character inspiration

Pretty Faces & Redheads Too! I am a guy who appreciate the simple beauty of so many pretty faces.

Make up - More sparkle (on, around eye) - Less blush (less pink) - Use my lipstick  - Fake eyelashes?

These Celebs Gave Us Lessons On How NOT To Wear Eye Makeup (PHOTOS)