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Blacksmith Shop Building Instructions - this is for some sort of model, but I like the look for a full scale work space

1. Blacksmith was considered art during the Renaissances because it was something that few people could do and they were creating certain things. It isn't really considered art now because it isn't done that much anymore.

Freyslundr - Cleaned up my little smithy today. It pays to keep such a small space neat & tidy!

Blacksmith Barn. Every good blacksmith shop has a hot side of the shop and a cold side. The hot side holds the forge, anvils, fly press, chisels, tongs and punches; on the cold side, you'll find the storage racks, assembly table, sanding station and bar twister.

6 Super Sheds: Gallery

courageous-and-strong: I'd like to modify this a tad and have it in the house, as part of the staircase, so that the entire staircase transfers heat to the upper floor.

Coal Fire Coal Forge Gas Forge This gas forge, or furnace, heats a big area at a uniform temperature. This allows me to heat several bars at once, so that some are heating while I forge, letting me work continually […]

HUGE collection of awesome studio images and organization!

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