art deco. {We're going to have this blown up onto paper that will fit the size of our photobooth and use it as the background!}

art deco style wallpaper, this particular wallpaper was used in the movie 'the Great Gatsby' so would tie in as a potential background theme being set in the If using wallpaper similar to this it may also qualify as intertextuality.

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Megumi Mizuno on

gold tipped finger tips / metallic / otherwordly makeup / body paint / hands / inspiration

This type of photography is maybe in a category of its own, or I guess would fall into the "fashion" category. I think the black on black with gold accents is stunning. An extremely beautiful portrait that really grabs your attention.

“ Editorial de Jóia by Guto Esteves Shai’La Yvonne, model ” This really took my breath away. She looks like a real Goddess.