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Hiro Hamada, Baymax, Honey Lemon, GoGo Tomago, Fred and Wasabi from Big Hero 6

*Makes sobbing noises* Excuse me while I go scream in the corner...WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

Feels. Big Hero 6 Feels.

little hiro calls tadashi dad feels

I actually spoiled the ending for myself so I could know if Baymax was going to be okay in the end. Hiro has enough losses in his life, don't take Baymax too!

Everyone loves bay max.

I wish that Big Hero 6 was more popular than Frozen, because then all of the little kids would be singing Immortals by Fall Out Boy and not Let It Go.

Big hero 6 should be more popular than frozen because than little kids would be singing fall out boy instead of let it go.

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Awwwww hero looks so adorable

Dear everyone. I'm sorry I'm not sorry for pinning so many Big Hero 6 posts. I will stop one day. But today is not that day. Tomorrow is not looking good, either.

A Frozen parallel to Elsa putting her hand on the window and accidentally freezing it that one time.

This is why I want to become an animator.. to send messages like this to the audience.. to make a difference

Date (re)watched: August Big Hero 6 will forever be one of my favorite movies of all time. So many important messages + such a loveable robot + good feels.

awww.  This is the cutest thing.  I'll pretend it didn't just shame me with "Will help your KIDS sleep"

Big Hero 6 Baymax Lamp Will Help Your Kids Sleep With Awesome Features

Disney’s Big Hero 6 – Baymax Led Lamp<< so cute!

I would do this for the everyone in Harry Potter, The Doctor, Sherlock, John, Jim; Loki & the Avengers, etc. I'd line them all up and give them crazy long hugs. *next! Oh, come here you darling, let me love on you* x)

Big Hero 6 was one of the most amazing things Disney has ever put there name on. I love this movie so much, and Frozen sucks in comparison

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Tadashi Hamada the cuddle monster haha Wasabi finding the situation very awkward

Check out these amazing costumes and cosplays from the Disney movie, Big Hero 6.

Big Hero 6 Costume Ideas

Check out these amazing costumes and cosplays from the Disney movie, Big Hero Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

Oopsie - GIF on Imgur

Every Big Hero Six fan should watch this!


Baymax in a Toothless jacket. :D So cute!

Hairy Babies by Poiizu on DeviantArt - I don't know if I pinned this or not but I'll pin it again. SO MUCH HAIRY BABYS!!! WAY better than the 'other' hairy baby's.

Hairy Babies by Poiizu on DeviantArt - Baymax and cats are perfection

Baymax <3 just saw this movie recently and it was AMAZING!

Hello, I'm Baymax your personal health care companion- a quote from Big Hero 6

Excuse me I am not crying!! I just got out of the shower while wearing my clothes and I'm just getting everything soaked and yes the fact that's it's salt water is because I took a bath in the ocean!! I am not crying!!!!!

"Big Hero 6 Typography poster I just finished :) NOT me, the original pinner." - The original pinner did a GREAT job