A Palette Full of Blessings: Art Supplies and study. I love these boxes , they work so well for my pencils and pens!

Does your love for coloring leave you with books, pages and pens everywhere? Organise your art supplies with thecoloringbook.club guide to coloring storage!

Imagining myself painting on this is so fun. If only i could paint.

This would be the ultimate painting setup for a room overlooking a beautiful scenery. Or in a bus.

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Keurig Cup Carousel Repurposed. Art Supplies Storage.

Copic SKETCH (make sure they are sketch) markers sets:  I want Sketching Grays or any larger set that has all bunch of grays.

Over 214 different marker colors are available in copic markers that can be used for detailed lettering or drawing. Unlike regular markers, copic markers can last for years as instead of buying a wh

This is a great set of blending stumps and tortillions. Both are used to smudge and blend away pencil marks.

Verwischen - Gute Helfer - Papierwischer Old art supplies being dragged out from retirement. These are Blending Stumps and Tortillions, used to smear and blend graphite, pastel and charcoal. The stumps and tortillions are both made from r…

VERY few left! Set your creativity free with our watercolor pens! Create amazing color combinations, play around with saturation and gradients. Disappear into your own little world of watercolor paint

Watercolor Soft Brush Pens 20 Piece Set

Beautiful Taboret for painting

Beautiful Taboret for painting. Just needs the desk surface to slide forward so you can sit underneath it.