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Area and Perimeter Poster

This perimeter and area exploration is a great math activity! This customizable perimeter and area printable is perfect for working with irregular shapes.

Perimeter and Area Geoboard Exploration

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Area and perimeter anchor chart with great visuals and written descriptions.and formulas!

Free area and perimeter activity with Cheez-Its!

Area and Perimeter

The student applies mathematical process standards to develop concepts of expressions and equations. The student is expected to: (H) represent and solve problems related to perimeter and/or area and related to volume.

Great Freebie to practice area and perimeter!

Area and Perimeter Board Game. This area and perimeter board game is a fun way to practice area and perimeter skills. It includes: 18 question cards 18 answer cards Game Board Printable game pieces Printable Die Teacher Instructions

Area and perimeter robots. Add a bit of fun and creativity when teaching area and perimeter. Students get the chance to create their own robots using grid paper, solve for the body parts' areas and perimeters, and record them in the robot's speech bubble.

Area and Perimeter Robots

area and perimeter art project. Would be good for students to then determine which letter had the greatest area/perimeter

Create name on grid paper. Figure out perimeter of each letter. Add all letters to find total perimeter. Anchored In Grade OR maybe choose one letter (first one of the name?) if you only do it in math class - otherwise it could be done as an art project!

Area and Perimeter Ideas - Area and perimeter sort that focuses on real life scenarios

Area and Perimeter Activities and Resources {Games, Practice, Assessments}

Area and Perimeter Ideas - Area and perimeter sort that focuses on real life scenarios