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New Bohemian style living room interior design with a neutral color palette and African mudcloth style throw pillows

This Is How a Swede Designs a Tiny Brooklyn Apartment | MyDomaine

This Is How a Swede Designs a Tiny Brooklyn Apartment

If you love the Scandinavian look as much as we do, then you& want to mimic this Swede& personality-packed Brooklyn home.

A Gauche, la salle de bains, à droite, la cuisine ouverte sur le séjour.

Appartement Paris 8 : un 38 m2 refait à neuf par un archi d'intérieur

I'm not sure why this is only for tiny apartments. Most of this stuff would be useful in any kind of home!

28 Clever Ways To Deep Clean Your Tiny Apartment

28 Clever Ways To Deep Clean Your Tiny Apartment. I don't live in an apartment but I could use some of these clever cleaning ideas :)

Cleaning checklist

Operation Organize: How to Keep Your Home Sparkling

Merci pour cette création de CaseConcept2000 en regardant ! Tous les bois de CaseConcepts provient de régénéré granges, moulins et fermes dans le sud du Michigan et Ohio et lIndiana Nord. Plupart du bois structures que nous utilisons remonte au XIXe siècle. Tout le bois est nettoyé,

All CaseConcepts wood comes from reclaimed barns, mills and farm houses around southern Michigan and northern Ohio and Indiana. Most of the structures wood we use dates back to the All the wood is cleaned, sanded and


Top 34 Clever Hacks and Products for Your Small Kitchen

This roll-up drain rack is handy for small space living. It cleverly uses available space on your sink and can be stored very easily and compactly. Need a drying rack you can use when rinsing produce and dishes? Then this folding dra

3 Ingredient Homemade Toilet Cleaning Bombs

3 Ingredient Homemade Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Handy checklist for keeping your #apartment spotless! | http://www.myfirstapartment.com/2014/08/apartment-housekeeping-plan/

Handy checklist for keeping your apartment spotless. This doesn't look anywhere near as daunting as some other lists I've seen.

African Prints in your living room – sounds too much? Like with fashion, it all depends on the right mix. I tend to have a lot of white, grey and black furniture in my apartment – clean lines and designs that are sleek and stylish help in my opinion to not get bored of furniture... [ Read more ]

Update Your Furniture with African Prints

The Bongo ottoman is a Culture creation hand made in Turkey from beech wood and West African fabrics. The form is inspired by the Bongo instrument.

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Bohemian Heaven {Fresh Boho Chic Home Decor Inspiration}

Bohemian Heaven Fresh Boho Chic Home Decor Inspiration Fresh Boho Chic Home Decor Inspiration. Clean white home decor. Bohemian home decor.

Le bicarbonate de soude fait des petits miracles en cuisine. Voici une technique efficace pour nettoyer le filtre de la hotte de poêle de votre cuisinière. Si il y a quelque chose que je déteste laver, c'est bien le filtre de ma hotte! Hahah! Avec ce

Comment nettoyer à fond un filtre de hotte!

When's the last time you cleaned out your nasty range hood? How To Clean a Greasy Range Hood Filter — Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn