This is my own personal goal!!!! Like hugs like this pleaseeeeeee!!

Anime couples · This is my own personal goal! Like hugs like this pleaseeeeeee!

Only he knew this. I was dying. I heard somewhere that if I made 1000 paper cranes I would get a wish, and I knew it was foolish. I just wanted to try it. (RP in the girl. Credit to @Maud)

Yet the best fanart of shinaya i've ever had!{}{} dis is amaziing Tags : Mekakucity actors, kagerou project, Shintarou kisaragi, Ayano tateyama, Shinaya

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if I had a quarter for everytime someone's called me short, I'd be a trillionaire. "Aww, you're just so adorkable." If it's so cute how short I am, why don't I have a boyfriend?

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Futaba and Kou - ao haru ride - it's a fanart for sure but still. This is insane, but I want it to happen So. I'm a little perv 😂😂