Commission - Christmas Lindy by on @DeviantArt

Cellshading chibi commission for xbananapancakes as gift to CelesteCorinne Yay yay Merry Christmas Corinne!

It's my favorite chibi L ^^ By ゆと

Naaaah L, baaaabe, you're so cute! Whyy are you doing this to me? I can't marry you if you look this cute 😍 - Light

Commission #86 by on @DeviantArt

Anime picture with single tall image blush blue eyes highres black hair red eyes smile simple background fringe white hair very long hair ahoge horn (horns) heterochromia transparent background bicolored hair bat wings girl

Resultado de imagen para chibi anime

chibi commission for aumbrieones! thank you for commissioning me! i'll try to dish out another chibi tomorrow before work if i can ^ 0 ^ done in sai / ps please do not use / repost my art unless .

Resultado de imagen para imagenes de anime chibi

"Is the Order a Rabbit?" Limited Edition Comes with Chibi Chino Figure