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Veveltra App Design on Behance - Come check out our luxury phone cases. Different styles for every type of personality!

The above Infographic must have given you the clear idea on why it’s important and becoming one of the crucial factors nowadays.

Why Design is the most important factors in a mobile app development?

Material UI Kit

Whitepaper IT is a leading mobile UI/UX design and development company which designing UI/UX for handhelds and structural development of design works for customers.


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Helena Roeber, Rachel Garb Want to enchant people, simplify their lives, and make them feel amazing with your app? Learn how Android's Design Principles can .

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As a developer, I imagine that you have already met UI specifications too blurred or not conform with Android guidelines leading you to useless back-and-forth with the designers.

Fireside Chat: Android Design. Matias Duarte, VP of Design, Android with Josh Topolsky, Editor-in-Chief, The Verge

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Android Design Matias Duarte, VP of Design, Android with Josh Topolsky, Editor-in-Chief, The Verge

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