Passion flowers - Transplant to vines from the Newmark house

Stress Relieving Herbs

Flowers can't solve all problems but they're a great start.

Plants and flowers can’t solve all your problems, but they’re a great start. Indoor Plants and House plants in a plant shop. Indoor and outdoor gard

Patio Flower Pot Arrangements | We loved these jam jar arrangements that were on display at the shop.

Flower Arranging by Vase

Grace & Thorn | The Conversation | Feature | NOT JUST A LABEL

Often displaying her flowers in unexpected ways; in Kilner jars for example, Nik steers clear of traditional bouquets for a more natural style. Here, a velvety Grand Prix red rose is paired with the contrasting paper-like petals of Astrantia.

ranunculus + kumquats

Beautiful flower arrangement and photo. I love the pink, orange, and gold colour palette as well.

I LOVE Dogwood trees... Wish I had one in my yard... Need to take my camera out and steal some pictures from other people's dogwood trees, I guess...

Dogwood tree, a cross and the blood of Christ on the flower. After the crucifixion the dogwood tree changed from a strong sturdy tree like the oak into the scrawny twisted tree of today.that way it would never be used for crucifixion again.


Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding Inspiration

This centerpiece / bouquet reminds me of the flower still life paintings by the old Dutch masters.

Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose Unique Color In Roses Fully double flowers with 35 to 40 petals—all a rare shade of lavender-blue.

I love blue roses, and bright blue flowers in general. Tim is a clever, clever man and has picked up on this without me having to tell him (: I Luv Blue Roses Too! I think that they are so Heavenly!

Gorgeous Fresh Flowers In Huge Tubs - Such A Beautiful Floral Image!

Are you a green-fingered gardening God, or is your lawn more weedy than wonderful? Test your gardening knowledge and see where you have flower power!

Oh the abundance!  Lots of flowers, lots of green, lots of shade.  This is so beautiful.

Garden Entry, Provence, France photo via bohemia )love the its like the secret garden

Foxglove, Dalmatian Peach. Self-seeding, so the following year they come back all by themselves!

This is just the Perennial your garden or containers need. Order Digitalis 'Dalmatian Peach' - (Foxglove) online from Garden Crossings.