My 3 Monsters: Housekeeping


In just about every shared household, whether boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, boyfriend/boyfriend, girlfriend/girlfriend, or with roommates, there is usually a discrepancy between one person's preference for household upkeep and another's. Such is the case with our friends: a happily married couple, with the sort of partnership and respect one hopes with all relationships...except in the department of household chores. The first step was acknowledging there was a problem...

Chore Charts and the Equitable Household

Although this blog is mainly about avoiding fake, processed foods my life doesn’t stop there.  I am still a Mom with a house to keep (somewhat) clean and kids to raise.  I want them to not only make healthy choices while eating but grow up to be responsible adults as well. That starts with THE CHORE […]

Kids Chore Chart System

This Work for HIre Chore Chart System for Kids has gone VIRAL! Best system we've ever used! Gives the kids the 'choice' to earn 'extra' money through the week for the extra things they want.

Framed magnetic chore chart for multiple children. Place the types of chores in one box and each day divide up what needs to be done between the kids. Keeps them from being bored with the same to-do's every day.

10 Creative Ways to Get Kids to Do Chores

I like the idea of magnets they can move themselves when they complete a chore! Only thing I might add is photos of the chore to be done. A Lemon Squeezy Home: Chore Charts {diy} So so so so so totally doing this!

Clear the Clutter - 30 day calendar for January 2017.  Simplify.  Cleaning schedule.  Adult chore chart.

With a fresh-start approaching in January, many of us are setting New Year& resolutions, filling empty calendars and planning for new oppo.

Is your goal to raise children that are independent with good character and values? Research supports the importance of daily chores and responsibilities and the positive impact they have on a family. Wondering what age to start assigning tasks? Need ideas to get started? The Importance of Chores for Children (Printable Chore Chart Included)

Why Your Kids NEED To Do Chores To Succeed In Life

Chores by Age by sunshineandhurricanes: Raising happy, responsible and independent kids means helping them gain the essential life skills they will need as adults.

Daily chore chart for adults-I doubt I could take two days off if I did this.

6 Cleaning Hacks that Will Keep Your House Spotless

For the Working Mom: Keep your house clean (yes, deep cleaned, even!) with one chore per day, includes a printable list. This is so doable and covers everything! Yes, I'm a "working" mom even if I do stay @ home w/ my kids!

Believe it or not, if your little one has reached the “terrible twos” he or she is probably ready for some basic chores. According to Roger W. McIntire, a University of Maryland psychology professor and author of Raising Good Kids in Tough Times, “Kids can do a lot of chores at an early stage. We …

Free Printable Chore Charts for Kids