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Which Of These Three '90s-Inspired Festival Looks Do You Love the Most?

Black Lola Blog: #FashionTips: Overdose anos 90!

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Mary MacDonald, taken by Marlene McKinnon, 1979.  “Mary, you’re an actual fashion icon!” “Yeah, yeah, Marls."  "No, come on, stand still, I’m getting a picture of this. Even using this silly muggle camera.”

grunge outfit oversized jean jacket with red flannel shirt paired under, black top with jean shorts space buns and circler glasses

Trick out a plain backpack with patches and pins.

Bedazzled ballcaps, safety pin bracelets, bagel bites and Dunkaroos. That’s right — DUNKAROOS.

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Sometimes all u need to do is take ur eyes out with 2 hands and soak them in bleach