Coffee Deforestation on Behance

A set of three CGI images showing the effects of deforestation, revealing a coffee bean below. Everything except from the machinery was rendered in ~ ღ Skuwandi

5 minute modeling - Mug by on @deviantART

A tutorial on modeling a very simple mug. 5 minutes, done. This was modeled in Cinema but the technique can easily be applied to any modeling prog. 5 minute modeling - Mug

моделирование рук - Google Search

моделирование рук - Google Search

Code Vonc

I lost it at some point of switching over licences. Now, Code Vonc has a legit paid version. Beta version is still free, I think? but only compatible up to


This is the beautifully bizarre, neon-hued, organic organism-ish work of Manila-born, Texas based artist Dan Lam.’ Let me answer you… she uses po

3D Blocks

Element of Art: Form This piece of art shows the element of art being used by looking like it is actually a staggered cube wall that is going up. - Community 3D printing project EGG on display at the Dutch Design Week 2014 | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

I can only imagine this with a bed inside. A big poofy sleeping space- printing project EGG on display at the Dutch Design Week 2014 Printer News & Printing News

3D print design

Gorgeous neck decoration printed on a printer by Shapeways! Lotus Top by ThreeForm

Different perspective: This portrait of Stephanie Tubbs Jones is viewed from an angle so the different layers can be seen

Face off: The extraordinary 3D sculptures of people's heads made from recycled goods