R2D2 movie projector.

Nikko's R2-D2 projector abducted by Jawas -- on sale this fall

02:イタリア  シシリー島のManzo家の人々と1週間で必要な食料 1週間の食費:約2万1000円(214.36ユーロ) 好きな食べ物は:魚、ラグー(肉や魚介類を煮込んだソース)パスタ、ホットドッグ、フローズン・フィッシュ・スティック

What the world eats - Italy: The Manzo family of Sicily. Favorite foods: fish, pasta with ragu, hot dogs, frozen fish sticks


This undated photo provided by Sotheby's Auction House in New York shows a Chinese "Ding" bowl from the Northern Song Dynasty.

Pocket Projector Mobile

Go big or go home with this HDMI pocket projector. Compact, portable and rechargeable, the HDMI Pocket Projector is totally awesome!

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor Can Keep You Off The Grid For Months

For those of us that threaten to go off the grid! Brunton Hydrogen Reactor Can Keep You Off The Grid For Months

Bio Robot Fridge- Just place the food into this gel! Awesome!

The Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator is a concept where the Bio Robot cools biopolymer gel through luminescence. A non-sticky gel surrounds the food item when shoved into the biopolymer gel, creating separate pods. The design features no doors or drawers

Death Star ice cubes!   How kick ass would this be in your whisky?

Funny pictures about Ice Death Star Cubes. Oh, and cool pics about Ice Death Star Cubes. Also, Ice Death Star Cubes.

I so need this to add to my coffee mug collection!! I already have a Darth Vader cup.

"Help Me Coffee, You're My Only Hope." I want this coffee mug!

High-Tech Gadgets For the Bathroom! Hahahahahaha I cannot actually believe they would make something like this!!! hahaha

iCarta iPod Toilet Holder ($60)

Do people really need to use their cell phone in the bathroom? High-Tech Gadgets For the Bathroom Photo As John McEnroe would say, "You can't be serious!

Star Wars R2D2 Virtual Keyboard - Let The Force Help You Type Better

Virtual Keyboard – the humble keyboard suddenly gets some Galactic laser beam action

48, 47, 41, 39, 24, 15, 14, and 12.  The only downside is that they don't provide any links to these products :(

50 Star Wars Decor Items

Tactical Stocking Gift

Tactical Stocking Gift

The traditional red Christmas stocking is nice and festive and all, but these cool new Tactical Holiday Stockings come in coal black and include integrated MOLLE straps and an external pouch to hold even more stocking stuffers.

WeMo by Belkin allows you to control home electronics from anywhere. Turn them on or off, trigger them with motion, even put them on a schedule.  WeMo lives on your smartphone and uses your home WiFi and mobile internet. Setting up and using it is a snap. WeMo truly is your home at your fingertips.

Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion (control your home electronics from anywhere via home WiFi & mobile internet)

This is Eight consoles and a projector. (Thanks Danny!)

This is Eight consoles and a projector.

Here’s an outstanding project for all you Star Wars fans. This guy took an cooler and turned it into a retro gaming machine! Inside are eight consoles and a even a projector mounted in the head just like