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Peppermint-Candy Place Card: Cut out ovals from colorful card stock. Using a hole punch, make a hole at each end, and then neatly write your guests' names on the ovals with black ink. Thread ribbon scraps, each about 6 inches long and 1 inches wide,

Wrapping Paper Stars - Save wrapping paper scraps for this pretty project. Hang a bunch from your ceiling before a big party. #tutorial

Holiday Craft: Wrapping Paper Stars Like this but not sure how to incorporate KMC & year to make limited edition ornament

クリスマスオーナメント★折り紙の星・レダ (カミキィ kamikey) - YouTube

Origami trick for how to cut a perfect (regular) pentagon out of a square sheet of paper. Comes in handy for making origami 5 pointed stars like these: http:.



Easy and rich - Origami diamond ornaments. Christmas decoration. Ideas for Christmas - YouTube

Origami Tutorial - Paper Diamond [Senbazuru] - In French, but excellent video with appropriately-placed occasional English subtitles.