FREE phonemic awareness worksheets...these activities are perfect for kindergarten and first grade! Beginning sounds sorts, rhyming and more!

FREE Phonemic Awareness Worksheets

Phonemic Awareness is such an integral part to reading and writing. Unfortunately, many teachers skip over teaching this, but the truth is that it's just as important as learning phonics! Check out these 9 hands-on ways to help children learn to segment and blend words, and watch your children become confident readers with strong decoding and spelling skills!
What's the difference between phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and phonics?
These phonemic awareness activities are perfect for intervention groups or small groups of kindergarten and pre-kindergarten  students who are developing their phonemic awareness skills. Skills include: rhyming, phoneme segmenting, phoneme blending, isolating medial sounds, initial sound identification, initial sound sorting, phoneme deletion, phoneme adding, substituting phonemes, phonemic awareness assessment, phonemic awareness games,  and picture cards to use with any activity.
phonemic awareness blending activity.
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How to Make a Phonemic Awareness Tool Kit. Keeping materials organized is key for managing a successful classroom environment. Check out these simple ways to keep your phonemic awareness materials organized!
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