inside of a Setagaya Tokyo lightrail train car

This is the retired train car that carried many passengers for many years. Rolleiflex xenotar Kodak PORTRA at Tokyo / Setagaya

Ammiraglia della crociera ferrovia tra Londra ed Edimburgo - Il treno inaugurato all'inizio del Novecento ha ripreso a correre nelle Highlands scozzesi.

*Royal Scotsman, lounge car, by Train Chartering Private Trail Cars

Il nuovo treno panoramico progettato da Ichibansen / panoramic train Japon

walls have been replaced with large windows inside the japanese train - a local sightseeing train. resulting in the one carriage dedicated to observation and the other a french restaurant that invites expansive views of the passing landscape. read more on

Day off

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渡良瀬線 栃木県  Watarase line running through Tochigi, Japan

Watarase line running through Tochigi pref., Japan Hey, that's the train I'm waiting for.

Train Details

Train Details

Trenes de lujo

Trenes de lujo

Train de luxe japonnais - The Seven Stars - Kyushu Railway Co - 2013