Qu’elles soient suspendues, posées, accrochées, alignées, la tête en bas, à la queue leu leu ou grimpantes, les plantes, cactus et autres succulentes

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Make hanging planters from pendant lights!

Nicole's pendant lamp hanging planters

painted, lidded gourd Nicole’s pendant lamp hanging planters - Justina Blakeney Est.

Pothos  This low-maintenance vine is also commonly called pothos, and is often confused with heartleaf philodendron. Like philodendron, devil's ivy has heart-shape leaves and can be grown as a mounding tabletop plant, in a hanging basket, or trained upright on a pole. It's not fussy about how much light it gets, but the brighter the spot, the more variegation you'll see in the leaves.

24 of the Easiest Houseplants You Can Grow

24 of the Easiest Houseplants You Can Grow. Did you know growing plants indoors helps improve indoor air quality, reduce stress and increase well-being.




Depends on which way this window faces. If you are obsessed with plants, turn your book shelve into a plant shelf. Good way to display them and free up your floor space.

Bathroom plants

I must do this in my bathroom window! window in shower. snake plant or maybe Sansevieria (good for low-light bathroom). plants in bathroom. radiator in bathroom, octagon tile on floor. small bathroom, little bathroom