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I've been stung but tbh bees are soft precious bbs that just want to be happy

Shannon  Makes  Stuff

Receiving Blankets Baby Wrap

Articles of Faith Jeopardy Game: Shannon Makes Stuff

"Hello, I'm James Marsden. I'm wearing a well-tailored tweed suit, and I just farted."

The GQ Guide to Suits

James Marsden for GQ brown suit, striped socks, plaid shirt, skinny tie, brilliant

I was torn as to put this on here of in the nerd cave... cause let's face it, even though it's for the cats, it would go in the nerd room.

Frodo The Cat

Sauron Tower Cat - Frodo the cat gets his own Hobbit Hole and Sauron Tower.

For knockout gifts for everyone on your list, make photo memory quilts. You do need some sewing ability and a computer for this craft. Grandparents would love one with pictures of the grandchildren. A graduate would be thrilled with a quilt featuring class pictures for every school year. Use the following instructions to make this surprise gift for someone you love.

Bouncy balls rebound in response to the amount of force used when they contact hard surfaces. That simply means that a bouncy ball will bounce back at you with about 80 percent of the energy you used .

nike shoes nobodys perfect by southernstruttin ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring NIKE, Converse, UGG and Mikimoto

nikeybens on

nikes shoes nikes worn only 4 times at most. The only sign of wear is on the botnikes.

DIY Bleach Pen for Tees Tanks. Must do this during summer!

DIY Bleach Pen Tank Top

and my shirt looks EXACTLY as it did before I wasted bleach pen gel! 😠 DIY Bleach Pen for Tees Tanks // terrific for family vacation shirts, team shirts, bridesmaids, etc.


Nwt~realtree womens fleece camo pink hunting sweat pants & under armour socks~s

Stylist -- I like the look of this on the model, but I don't know if it would make me look like a box or not. I'd probably belt it. - Anna

Newest Women Waist Strap Sweet Slim Princess Strapless Wedding Dresses WVA024

Don't be afraid to dress up! You won't regret it and it gives you solid headshots that you can use for the next several years.

The Getup: Dressed Up Summer

The Getup: Dressed Up Summer Warm weather brings about countless weddings, graduations, and hopefully some interviews. Build on the business casual uniform with colors, patterns and textures to stay cool while looking your best.