Ingrid Siliakus awesome paper architecture
corogami- folding structure is constructed with laminated twinwall polypropylene and brass paper fasteners
3d Printed Architecture Studio at the California College of the Arts_Materials: Wood, Plastic, Composites, Paper, etc.
by Shigeru Ban 坂茂
Elodole  Made by cutting and folding paper, this piece reminds me of an MC Escher drawing.
Paper Snake | kengo kuma and associates | sculpture as architecture
cardboard banquet paper pavilion architecture cambridge university
Richard Sweeney paper sculpture- interests me as i really like the way how when paper fits together it can support itself and form a structure.
Jeju Ball | kengo kuma and associates
Ingrid Siliakus - Paper architect/artist,  if you look closely you can see David Bowie in there.
梅田病院に新世代サインが誕生。  Kenya Hara | Umeda Hospital
Paper architecture by Ingrid Siliakus.