Audrey Hepburn in a gorgeous black dress
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“Unidentified photograph collection, poss. family of duc d'Aumale. Late 50s-early 60s. Via Gods & Foolish Grandeur, these unidentified images have an equally unidentified photographer, though it has been suggested that they were taken by Pierre-Louis Pierson. In any case, the family appears to be connected to the family of the duc d'Aumale. These are collectively dated to the late 1850s-early 60s. Read more at Gods & Foolish Grandeur.”
This is too cool........she has pockets on the front of her dress!
Young lady in plaid dress with narrow trim at bottom of bodice yoke, top and bottom of sleves and top and bottom of waistband.  AND wider trim on skirt.  Lovely accessories.
Audrey Hepburn is stunning in this sweet floral, flared skirted, strapless gown.. circa 1950's
Emma Watson for Net-A-Porter magazine. With eco-friendly fashion from Green Carpet Challenge.
【ルック】「マメ」2016-17年秋冬コレクション 24 / 27
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