PekiPeki, Japan

Stay fit and get in the climbing spirit with these top bouldering locations in Tokyo.

渋谷明治通り本店 | Bouldering studio PEKIPEKI

ENDLESS possibilities for own routes and endurance training MAMMUT Indoor bouldering studio, Shibuya, Japan

Within the "boulder-like walls," which were inspired by the geological process of the large-scale movements of the earth's crust and its tectonic forces [...] The exterior is clad in white fiber cement panels, which simultaneously allows the building to blend into its snowy context while offering climbers outdoor routes.

This building is designed for everyone to climb all over it

This Rock Climbing Gym Resembles A Big Rock in Polur, Iran- Tehran-based new wave architecture is building a rock climbing gym that in itself resembles a huge boulder.

Rock & Wall Bouldering Gym in Aoyama

Rock Wall Bouldering Gym in Aoyama

今日は4人の方がビギナーズセッションに参加してくれました! 4人ともビギナーとは思えない登りっぷりでなんと全員が5級をクリア😀😀 参加してくれた皆様、ありがとうございました🎶 ビギナーズセッションは毎週日曜の15:30からと、毎週水曜の20:00から開催しております  たくさんのご参加お待ちしてます👍 #pekipeki #ペキペキ #ペキペキ渋谷 #climbing #クライミング #幕張 #幕張新都心 #イオンモール 幕張新都心 #bouldering #ボルダリング

今日は4人の方がビギナーズセッションに参加してくれました! 4人ともビギナーとは思えない登りっぷりでなんと全員が5級をクリア😀😀 参加してくれた皆様、ありがとうございました🎶 ビギナーズセッションは毎週日曜の15:30からと、毎週水曜の20:00から開催しております たくさんのご参加お待ちしてます👍 #pekipeki #ペキペキ #ペキペキ渋谷 #climbing #クライミング #幕張 #幕張新都心 #イオンモール 幕張新都心 #bouldering #ボルダリング

Seattle Vertical World version V.3 - by Elevate climbing Walls

Seattle Vertical World version - by Elevate climbing Walls

Home Wall Primer: Part 1—Planning and Construction

A home wall is a lot of work and money, but TOTALLY worth it. Here is a rundown of the hows and whys for taking the plunge into the world of the woody.

新宿Apex Climbing Gym

新宿Apex Climbing Gym

Insane climbing garage

Post with 628 views. I see your garage climbing wall and raise you my friend and comp climber's garage climbing wall.

渋谷明治通り本店 | Bouldering studio PEKIPEKI

渋谷明治通り本店 | Bouldering studio PEKIPEKI

ワクワク!ドキドキ!かわいい保育園!保育園デザイン/Designed by M&Associates,KIDS LAND FUCHU,Japan

ワクワク!ドキドキ!かわいい保育園!保育園デザイン/Designed by M&Associates,KIDS LAND FUCHU,Japan

garage rock wall inspiration - clean look

Find rock climbing routes, photos, and guides for every state, along with real-life experiences and advice from fellow climbers.