Notice the handles at lower levels, and the attachment for the hand-held shower next to the built-in bench.  Great features!

11 simple ways to make a small bathroom look BIGGER

Sumaiづくり講座│住まいづくりのレッスン|sumai smile(すまい・すまいる)~ 住まいと暮らしを学べるサイト|積水ハウス

Sumaiづくり講座│住まいづくりのレッスン|sumai smile(すまい・すまいる)~ 住まいと暮らしを学べるサイト|積水ハウス

Best inspirational ideas for remodelling modern master bathroom (12)

Best inspirational ideas for remodelling modern master bathroom (12





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Different design plans for a basic, small bathroom. Top, far right design for new main bath (which utilizes existing door way from hallway) and bottom row, far left for new master bath.

猿投の家|横内敏人建築設計事務所                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

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Our guide to bathroom design will instruct you on where to place your fixtures, and great design hacks! #DIY

Learn How Building Code and Good Design Rules Can Help You Design a Better Bathroom!

Learn how building code and good design rules can help you design a better bathroom. This bathroom design guide could help you plan where to place your fixtures and offers some design hacks.

“家づくりを楽しもう” 住まいの写真で人をつなぐ新感覚ソーシャルネットワーク

“家づくりを楽しもう” 住まいの写真で人をつなぐ新感覚ソーシャルネットワーク

Bathroom ideas  Love the black hexagon tile floor, white subway tile and layout of this bathroom. #bathroomdesign

We love this mix of hexagonal floor tiles with subway tiling in the shower! Home decor ideas - bathroom renovation - bathroom decor - tile inspiration