velvet and wood

Window treatment and the statue's placement. Jacques Garcia's Paris home. Green French Neoclassical Aubusson rug and door panels, Neoclassical canopy bed, chandelier.

Epic library

C Gothic Revival--Olivier Foltzer / Galerie Maison (FR).Oh, I belong in a place like this to love and make a home.I sure hope the family who lives there appreciates that house.


from "The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé". a Parisian Duplex, rue Bonaparte by Francois-Joseph Graf, Designer_Paris. The Olive Green/Brown Salon by night, lit.


Eye For Design: Equestrian Chic Interiors. love the fireplace in the library. just need a good book.

【楽天市場】オーデリック OL015194 室内用間接照明「建築化照明」 シームレスラインランプ(コンパクトタイプ)(蛍光灯29W) ランプ別売【送料無料】【smtb-F】(代引き不可)【RCP】:リコメン堂インテリア館

【楽天市場】オーデリック OL015194 室内用間接照明「建築化照明」 シームレスラインランプ(コンパクトタイプ)(蛍光灯29W) ランプ別売【送料無料】【smtb-F】(代引き不可)【RCP】:リコメン堂インテリア館

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Furniture and Accessories. Classic contemporary Christmas living room mantel in luxurious design matching to the room elegant brown scheme. Welcome Santa: Lovely Christmas Decorating Ideas For Fireplace Mantels by laurie