Ikea Kura bed with full bed under

After a day of walking Madrid, my boys would love this room and bed! The Calle San Lorenzo Residence - Kid & Coe (Diy Furniture For Kids)

akatukiyukiさんの、ロフト,ロフトDIY,IKEA,子供部屋 ,ベッド,子供スペース,すべり台,バターミルクペイント,ツリーハウス風,リーディングヌック,ベッド周り,のお部屋写真

ロフト/ロフトDIY/IKEA/子供部屋 /ベッド/子供スペース…などのインテリア実例 -2015-05-10 00:28:41

akatukiyukiさんの、ロフト,ロフトDIY,IKEA,子供部屋 ,ベッド,子供スペース,すべり台,バターミルクペイント,ツリーハウス風,リーディングヌック,ベッド周り,のお部屋写真


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31 Smart Storage Beds That Won’t Spoil Your Interior

IKEA Kallax shelves and shelving units are the best canvas for creating! Kallax shelves are so universal that you can get almost anything from them .


IKEA Kura bed is a great loft bed, it is recommended for 6 years and older. Slatted bed base is included; the mattress must not be more than a total of 5 1

storage bed

Ikea Hacks

Extra sleeping/sitting for an office or guest room. Thanks to the Ikea Hacks for the idea. From Ikea: Expedit shelves, twin mattress support & tabletop from clearance section.

mommo design: 10 IKEA KURA HACKS

mommo design: 10 IKEA KURA HACKS Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

Die tollsten Hochbetten für Jungen und Mädchen! Nummer 3 ist wirklich fantastisch - DIY Bastelideen

8 ideas for hacking the Ikea Kura bed including my castle Kura bunk bed with a secret ball pit

40 Cool IKEA Kura Bunk Bed Hacks

One kallax storage for books, mat, pillows, some lighting, maybe some of the decals. Maybe old blue curtain permanently affixed to side.

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ピンクの壁/キッズルーム/アニマルマスク/momo natural/女の子の部屋…などのインテリア実例 -2016-07-06 17:23:16

Merrydayさんの、ベッド周り,IKEA,イームズ,子供部屋,フランフラン,女の子の部屋,momo natural,アニマルマスク,手作りガーランド,サンゲツ,イームズチェアリプロダクト,Bloomingville,haru711ちゃんのweaving,2016.7.6,のお部屋写真

I like that the bottom bed's mattress is on the floor 1) easier/less expensive to build; and  2) lower height for top bunk.

Shared Bedrooms

The Chic Technique: Bunk bed and loft bed ideas. I like that the bottom bed's mattress is on the floor easier/less expensive to build; and lower height for top bunk.

If I ever have to live compact living style this is a cool bed with storage

Storage / Platform Bed

IKEA hack make DIY raised bed frame storage underneath perfect for little kids room. Door to inside thy have cozy nook etc small space youth bedroom


Boys room by TUBU Kids The Ikea Kura bed is even more versatile than you might imagine. You can paint it, add a canopy, wallpaper, garland…and also use plywood to build something custom (what do you t (Cool Bedrooms For Boys)