Gareth Pugh

☼ Cosmic Couture ☽ Celestial Costumes ☼ red stellar object sighted on the runway. prepare for blast off!

Eris is the Goddess of Strife and Discord. Her brother is Ares, the God of War.


I love how it is dark colored. Her hair, and pale skin bring contrast to the dark. But the eyes and the eyebrow make it even darker! The models pose really makes the picture. Love the crown. Queen of Spades by Amanda Diaz on

This one's called, "Moldy couch cushions left in the rain on your neighbor's front lawn" fashion.

Couch Monster

what kind of person would go out in public with pillows all over? Christian Dada is a label by Japanese designer Masanori Morikawa who is popular with celebrities such as Lady Gaga.

Random Ghost : Photo

Futuristic accessories in this geometrical-inspired session are by Halina Mrozek. Photography by Łukasz Brześkiewicz.

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Hairstyle by Andreas-H, photo by Kris Baum, makeup by Corrine, model unknown Aileen Lorenz. IT's the ALIEN! Very creative: kudos to Andreas!

Jess Eaton's Roadkill Couture collection

Designer Jess Eaton did an amazing woman clothes collection from feathers, furs and animals’ bones killed on roads or for food. His line “Roadkill C


Anatomically Correct Wooden Top by Manish Arora freakish couture fashion wood anatomy shirt how mad is this !